Jumping Jack Flash ($165.95)

Level One Jumping Jack Flash. dual line kite stunt kite.
First came the Black Jack, this kite was very difficult to fly in a trick sequence, but was very popular. Second was the Jack in the box, it was the most beautiful Jack ever made. A step in the right direction - more tricky very smooth to fly but not the best for the new tricks. Level One needed a more modern kite for todays trick flyers. So now here comes the third Jack, the Jumping Jack flash, the best Jack we ever built. Pure Rock`n Roll in his genre, he will stay with you like your shadow at sun up. What ever you want to do with the Jumping Jack flash - it will help you.

Are you ready for the latest and hottest tricks, Ok Baby come on and give me what you have. You will never win against the Jumping Jack flash but with it you will be the winner every time. Before this kite went into production, Marcel Mehler flying the Jumping Jack flash won the German masters and came in second in the European masters.

Colors: Grey no color (very cool looking kite) and Yellow (store display with a few min of flight, offered here LNIB and with free shipping)

JJ Flash Standard
Sail: .6 oz. Polyester
Frame: Pultruded/Sky Shark P200
Wing span: 80 in.
Height: 36 in.
Weight: 280g.
Wind range: 5-20 mph